The Climate in Spain | 西班牙的氣候

Spanish cuisine has been formed by the country’s Mediterranean weather, environment, and geography. Spanish cuisine comprises of a countless variety of dishes which stem from differences in geography, culture, and climate. It is profoundly influenced by seafood available from the seawaters that surround the country and reflects the country’s deep Mediterranean origins. Spain’s extensive history with many cultural inspirations has led to an exclusive cuisine.

這個國家的地中海天氣,環境和地理形成了西班牙美食。 西班牙美食包括各種各樣的菜餚,這些菜餚源於地理,文化和氣候的差異。 它深受周圍海水的海鮮影響,反映了該國深厚的地中海血統。 西班牙悠久的歷史以及許多文化靈感使得這裡得到了獨特的美食。