Spanish Cuisine | 西班牙美食

A substantial portion of Spanish cuisine origins from the Roman, Jewish and Andalusian traditions. Numerous native foods of the Americas were introduced to Europe through Spain, and Spanish cuisine shares many techniques and food items. The cuisines of Spain vary extensively from one region to another, even though they all share some common features; For example, the use of olive oil as a cooking ingredient in items such as fritters, and the use of sofrito to start the preparation of many dishes.

西班牙美食的很大一部分源自羅馬,猶太和安達盧西亞的傳統。 許多美洲本土食品通過西班牙引入歐洲,西班牙美食共享許多技術和食品。 西班牙的美食在不同地區有很大差異,儘管它們都有一些共同特徵; 例如,使用橄欖油作為油條等物品的烹飪原料,並使用sofrito開始準備許多菜餚。