Seafood Paella | 西班牙海鮮飯

It is good to pair seafood paella with a jar of sangria or white wine and share them with your friends! Traditionally, seafood paella is with rice, clams, mussels, shrimp, chorizo and saffron. Farmers used to cook paella over wood fires and put in whatever ingredients they had. You don’t really need a paella pan to cook but choose a similar size pan to cook would be good. Paella could be the most famous dish in Spanish Culture.

For the rice, Spanish bomba rice or Italian Carnaroli rice are preferred due to their firmer texture and great at absorbing liquid. For the stock, fish or chicken stock can be used. Sofrito is made with chopped onions, garlic, and tomatoes or red peppers fried gently in olive oil.

Nowadays, there are many types of paella invented, for example, octopus paella, paella with vegetables, lobster paella, paella with sausages, etc. You can also invent a new type of paella!

將西班牙海鮮飯與一瓶桑格利亞汽酒或白葡萄酒配對,並與您的朋友分享是一件好事! 傳統上,海鮮飯配米飯,蛤,青口貝,蝦,香腸和藏紅花。 農民過去常常用柴火煮海鮮飯,然後放進任何食材。 您確實不需要用西班牙海鮮飯平鍋做飯,但是選擇一個類似大小的鍋做飯會很好。 西班牙海鮮飯可能是西班牙文化中最著名的菜。

對於大米,由於質地較堅硬且吸收液體能力強,因此優選西班牙bomba大米或意大利Carnaroli大米。 對於魚湯,可以使用魚或雞湯。 Sofrito用切碎的洋蔥,大蒜,西紅柿或紅辣椒在橄欖油中輕輕炸製而成。