Roman Catholicism | 羅馬天主教

Roman Catholicism, which has an extended history in Spain, remains the leading religion. According to a study by the Spanish Centre for Sociological Research, about 70% of Spaniards consider themselves as Catholics. Spanish culture is marked by solid historic ties to Catholicism, which played a critical role in the country’s development and the succeeding identity.

羅馬天主教在西班牙有著悠久的歷史,仍然是主要宗教。 根據西班牙社會學研究中心的一項研究,大約70%的西班牙人認為自己是天主教徒。 西班牙文化的特點是與天主教有著堅實的歷史聯繫,天主教在國家的發展和後來的身份中發揮了關鍵作用。