La Siesta | 午睡

Siesta is one of the most notable parts of Spanish life. Every store closes in the afternoon after a late lunch so people can take a good nap and rest, usually, it starts from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Spain’s temperature in the afternoon is usually very high, workers can avoid working under high temperatures and take a break instead to recover their energy so they can work long after. There was even a law limiting the trading times of the shop.

However, the biggest reason for Siesta was that people in Spain consider lunch as an important, big, family event so it has to be great and long and make sure energy is recovered before getting back for work.

It is well-known that Spaniards take their actual dinner very late, starting at 11 pm, which means they usually go to bed very late too. Siesta can provide the energy to stay up very late for parties.

In modern times, this tradition is no longer running, especially in cities like Madrid and Barcelona. On the one hand, people would prefer to reduce the working hours and go home earlier, on the other hand, people are too busy nowadays. However, nightlife in Spain hasn’t changed which would be a concern for Spanish people to sleep so less.