In Spain - From Breakfast to Dinner | 在西班牙 - 從早餐到晚餐

A breakfast “El Desayuno” may be taken just after waking up, usually just a coffee, juice, sweet bread, churros, chocolate, toast, etc. Lunch (El Almuerzo), the big midday meal in Spain, covers quite a lot of courses. Lunch typically begins at around 2 pm and finishes at around 3:30 pm, however, and is typically followed by “Sobremesa”, which means the table talk that Spanish people always do. Most businesses close down for 2 to 3 hours for the great lunch of the day, then continue the working day until dinner time in the evening. “La Cena”, which means dinner, is taken between 8:30 pm and 11 pm. It is lighter than lunch. Moreover, a midmorning snack time and an afternoon snack, “La Merienda”, time may take place at the time between breakfast and lunch, and at the time between lunch to dinner.

早餐“El Desayuno”可以在醒來後服用,通常只是咖啡,果汁,甜麵包,油條,巧克力,烤麵包等。午餐(El Almuerzo),西班牙的大午餐,涵蓋了很多 課程。 午餐通常在下午2點左右開始,然後在下午3:30左右結束,通常接著是“Sobremesa”,這意味著西班牙人總是這樣做。 大多數商家在當天的美味午餐中關閉2到3個小時,然後繼續工作日直到晚上的晚餐時間。 “La Cena”,意思是晚餐,是在晚上8:30到晚上11點之間拍攝的。 它比午餐輕。 此外,中午休息時間和下午點心“La Merienda”,時間可以在早餐和午餐之間以及午餐至晚餐之間進行。