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    Jamón Ibérico

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Buen Apetito | IBIKI®

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Spanish Gourmet

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Christopher Columbus loved this wine very much, this was the wine he brought a large amount of during his long haul navigation to discovering The U.S.A.

Jamón Ibérico

Natural & Organic

The black Iberian pigs, which have a very small amount of breeding. They live primarily in the central and southwestern region of the Iberian Peninsula. They are fed naturally and mainly eat acorns, for some may also eat like olive, herbs, and roots. After all strict selection and production process, they become Jamón Ibérico!

Spanish Wine

Winery located in Toro, Spain, one of the most famous wines producing areas. Vines are more than 140 years old and Tinta de Toro is the main variety of red grapes to produce the most of the red wines. All cause the effort and credibility by the three generations of Fariña family who obtained local recognition, using the name of the landmark church at Toro to produce a series of red wines as Gran Colegiata.

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